Rory Vaden's Personal Monthly Mastermind

Multiply Your Business 

By joining Rory Vaden’s Personal Monthly Mastermind

It’s been said that 5 years from now, you’ll be the exact same person you are today, except for the things you learn and the people you hang out with. So, what are you doing to invest into your education and who are you learning from that can mentor you to the next level? 

What if investing just 2 hours a month could help you: 

  • Develop more self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-motivation to achieve your dreams? 
  • Have more time, create better work-life balance, and get you exponential results in less time? 
  • Improve your financial acumen and empower you to dramatically grow your personal income? 
  • Implement stronger systems to keep you more focused, organized, and on-track? 
  • Learn new skills that will be critical to your success and required to advance your career? 
  • Acquire all the information you need to positively influence and impact more people? 

Now you can! By joining Rory Vaden in a personal monthly mastermind. 

What’s included?  

A simple 3 pronged approach…


(2) 60-minute live group mastermind virtual training webinars every month with Rory. 40 minutes of training and 20 minutes of QNA and live coaching. 


Access to the Multipliers Monthly Mastermind Private Facebook Group with direct access to Rory Vaden and other group members.


Exclusive and unlimited access to all Monthly Mastermind Video and Audio Recordings.

What’s the curriculum?

Everyone in the program gets invited to the main Monthly Mastermind call. 

Multipliers Productivity Monthly Mastermind will focus on implementing and executing the content and principles from Take the Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose to get you organized and more productive. Rory will guide you through Southwestern Consulting's proprietary Lifestyle Alignment Training™ to help you develop stronger time management skills, create better work-life balance, improve your daily self-discipline, get control over your email, overcome procrastination, become more effective, and get more time! 

For your second call each month you get to choose from one of the following curriculums (or get access to all of them for $199 per month):

Servant Selling Monthly Mastermind will teach you the art of next generation professional salesmanship and show you how to grow your income by looking out for your customers’ best interest first! Learn how to generate infinite warm referrals, set more appointments with qualified decision makers, ask for the sale with confidence, coach people through their concerns, and overcome fear and call reluctance. Most of all Rory will show you how to make more money in sales without being pushy, aggressive, or unethical. 

Legendary Leader Monthly Mastermind is what you want to be involved with if you are wanting to learn how to be a better leader. Rory shares the uncommon best practices that the world’s greatest leaders use to attract great people, build strong cultures, develop team member loyalty, create extraordinary execution, and scalable operations. Whether you’re leading a church, a sports team, or a company, you will learn applicable skills on everything related to recruiting, hiring, training, motivating and communicating with people to accomplish extraordinary results.

Million Dollar Speaker Formula Monthly Mastermind is the world’s best training on how to grow your own personal brand and build a professional speaking business. As the Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking First Runner-Up, Rory will teach you the techniques for being a master presenter on stage. As a New York Times bestselling author, he’ll reveal the secrets to publishing books and products. And as the Co-Founder of an 8 figure speaking and training company, Southwestern Consulting, Rory will teach you how to make millions of dollars and impact millions of people by getting booked to speak at events on the world’s biggest stages. If you’ve ever wondered, “how do you get into that?”, this is your chance to learn the insider secrets of building a speaking business! 

What’s the commitment?

$99 per month and you can cancel at anytime. Which means for less than the price of a nice dinner, you’ll have a chance to be mentored directly and learn from Rory Vaden and some of his closest collegues, partners, mentors and other group members twice a month. Or you can join VIP All-Access for $199 per month and you’ll get invites to all 4 monthly calls!  

Who is your guide?

Rory Vaden is Co-founder of Southwestern Consulting and the New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs and multiple other resources on the topics of: productivity, sales, leadership, and public speaking. He is also the Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking First Runner-Up, a Certified Speaking Professional, and his Tedx talk has nearly 1 million views. Rory’s insights have been featured on Fox and Friends, Oprah radio, CNN and in Fast Company, Forbes, Inc and Success Magazine. Rory is one of the top 30 leadership bloggers in the world and his articles, social media outlets and podcast receive over 4 million impressions each month. Entrepreneur magazine recently referred to Rory as “one of world’s leading productivity thinkers.” 

Special Bonus: 

We’re so excited to get you to try out this new mastermind that we wanted to give you a very special bonus to make this a complete “no-brainer”

If you sign up now, we will include you in Rory’s “Self-Discipline Certification Course” ($299 value) completely FREE!

This means you will get a 5-7 minute video from Rory delivered right to your inbox every single week for a year. These videos will help keep you inspired and on-track with reaching your goals. 

Even if you cancel your mastermind membership after just 1 month, we will still give you the full year of weekly videos with Rory. 

So what have you got to lose? Not much. But there is a tremendous amount to potentially gain. We hope you’ll consider investing into yourself, your business, and your dreams and partner with us to help you achieve all of your goals in life! 

What people are saying about the Monthly Mastermind with Rory Vaden: 

“ I recently trained in KY on "Verbiage that connects and succeeds." I must have quoted Rory 4+ times. Thanks for all you've taught us, and how well you say it. All 200+ people at that bootcamp know your name now, and books, and about your coaching... many already did.” - Debbi 

"Each webinar is amazing. I really enjoy them and can’t wait for the next week’s webinar!" – Brenda  

"Joining Monthly Mastermind has been the best decision I could have ever made for my own personal development and as a springboard for all I committed to accomplishing in 2017. The value of this program continues to blow my mind!!! I have accomplished more in the first two months of this year than I ever anticipated and now also have a clear picture of all that's possible for me moving forward and in the future. MMM Rocks! It rocks, because you "ROCK IT" every single time!! Much Gratitude to You and your TEAM!!!! Thank You for constantly over delivering!!" - Bobby